How Imaging Technology Can Boost Asphalt Contractors' Businesses


The stiff competition in the paving business has driven paving contractors to look for efficient ways to deliver high-quality services to homeowners. One way is to use imaging technology to assess how well a base layer has been compacted before the asphalt is laid.

This technology is available in the form of scanners that are mounted on a work vehicle such as a grader. This article discusses how this imaging technology can be beneficial to your asphalt paving business:

Optimal Use of Materials

Imaging technology helps you to use just enough materials to complete a job. For instance, if the subsoil was weak and you had to ferry firmer soil from elsewhere then the imaging technology can let you know when the base layer is sufficiently compact. This saves you from ferrying more soil to the site and yet it is already firm enough. Your paving business will therefore avoid wastage of materials on worksites and that can earn you higher profits from each job you complete.

Building Solid Reputations

Imaging technology boosts your reputation among clients. This is because the technology helps you to be very sure that the base layer is adequate for the traffic that the asphalt surface will carry. Many asphalt failures are due to improper compaction of the base layer so the use of imaging technology will reduce the likelihood of your worksites suffering from this shortcoming. Most of the driveways you construct will be long lasting due to the solid base beneath them. You will start being known as someone who does very good work so more contracts will be offered to you.

Jobs Are Completed Quickly

Imaging technology helps to reduce the duration of jobs. This is because you, the contractor, will get real-time updates of how a job is progressing. For instance, you can know it for a fact (basing on the imaging results) that a given worksite needs minimal compaction since the soil is very firm. All you will have to do in such a case is to perform that minimal compaction to reach the desired level.

The time that you save by having this accurate information will enable you to complete the asphalt-paving job on schedule or even earlier. You are likely to spend less on workers since they will spend less time at the worksite.

Imaging technology can be the tipping point between struggling as an asphalt contractor and thriving. You should embrace this technology so that you increase your competitive edge in the industry. For more help, try contacting asphalt suppliers to learn more.


27 May 2015

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