Simple and Affordable Ways to Add Lots of Style to Your Property


If your property looks a bit bland and dull, but you don't have the budget for lots of lush landscaping and flowers, there are a few simple tricks you can try that will add style and visual interest to your property but without breaking the bank. Some features you add to the property only need an initial investment, and then your yard will be beautiful and attractive for many years to come. Note a few suggestions you might discuss with a contractor, or ask about at your local home supply store.


A chain link fence, or no fence at all, can easily make your home seem somewhat bland and boring. Thick and green hedges can provide a nice border around your yard, and they may also offer some privacy from neighbours as well as security against unwelcome visitors. Hedges also add lots of colour to the property.

If you prefer thick hedges, Yew is a very dense bush that can grow to be very tall, but it can also be trimmed and manicured easily. Lilac and Hydrangea bushes are also thick and add colour and fragrance. Plant any of these hedges once, and you'll have a beautiful exterior with lush greenery year after year.

Use patio pavers

A concrete walkway to your home or along the backyard and a concrete patio area can both be very functional but are not very attractive. Patio pavers can add more style and even texture to your exterior space, and create a unique look that is very inviting.

If your home's driveway is not painted, you might consider choosing a paint for the concrete and patio pavers in a complementary tone, and be sure their colour coordinates with your home's exterior. Choose a bold reddish shade against a white home or a nice slate gray against a blue aluminium siding. Concrete paint and these pavers should last for years before they need any repair work or replacing, and your home will then look very attractive and inviting.

Concrete kerbing

Concrete kerbing can add great visual interest to a property; you might add this feature along the home's driveway or against flower beds and landscaped areas, for some strong definition. Kerbing can also be added around a tree on your property, to anchor it and make the base stand out. Raised concrete kerbing can also help hide a stormwater pit or other unsightly feature on your property, or you might install it next to patio pavers to help define your new walkway.


26 May 2017

Decorative Concrete: Project Ideas and Uses

Concrete may seem boring to the uninitiated, but as the wife of a concrete contractor, I have learned, over the years, that it is anything but boring. Contemporary concrete can be used in a range of applications from functional sound walls to decorative koi ponds, and it can be left gray, stamped or acid stained. If you are getting ready to do a project, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to post a myriad of information about concrete with an emphasis on project ideas and the different uses of concrete. By the end, I hope you find concrete as exciting as I do!