Is Your Driveway Falling Apart? Here Is Why You Should Replace It With Concrete


Concrete driveways have been around for many decades but have little hype around them. Perhaps this is because they are just a good workhorse that doesn't try to take the limelight away from the facade of the house or business. In any case, concrete driveways are a sturdy addition to any structure, especially if you have had troubles with driveways eroding after only a few years. Here are three reasons why concrete driveways are the best and why they make sense for virtually all properties, both residential and commercial. 


Durability is key when you are talking about driveways because they are outside in the elements for their entire existence. This means that if they cannot stand up to rain, hail and dirt all while having vehicles sitting on top of them, then there is no way they will be worth the money to install them. Concrete can and has stood up to these conditions many times before. Once the concrete has been sealed it is virtually immune from these conditions, which can be a real lifesaver for those who have had issues in the past. Every few years you may have to reseal your driveway, but this is a simple and quick process to ensure the structural integrity remains in peak condition.

Aesthetically Pleasing

While concrete driveways shouldn't be the focus of your home or business, they don't have to look extremely drab either. If you want your driveway to look sleek while remaining part of the canvas of your home rather than the main feature, then concrete is the way to go. You can also make the concrete more stylish by having it polished if you wish, and there are many patterns and designs you can choose from. Spend a few hours browsing your local concreters website or catalogue and you will see just how varied concrete can be.


When it comes to the fundamental features of every building most people don't want to spend a fortune. Luckily, concrete is comparatively cheap when compared against brick or other alternatives. It is also stronger than them, which is why you see most car parks made out of concrete. It is very easy to set, and if problems do happen with the structure it can be replaced with new concrete in short order. Sealing your concrete driveways makes it even more budget-friendly, as it will last much longer when it has a protective covering. 

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21 August 2020

Decorative Concrete: Project Ideas and Uses

Concrete may seem boring to the uninitiated, but as the wife of a concrete contractor, I have learned, over the years, that it is anything but boring. Contemporary concrete can be used in a range of applications from functional sound walls to decorative koi ponds, and it can be left gray, stamped or acid stained. If you are getting ready to do a project, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to post a myriad of information about concrete with an emphasis on project ideas and the different uses of concrete. By the end, I hope you find concrete as exciting as I do!