Reasons to Quickly Address Repairs to Your Business Car Park


Your business car park provides the first impression for customers when visiting your company. If the asphalt shows cracks and potholes, they'll not form a positive viewpoint. Thus, you should keep the area as professional as the indoors setting. Consider the following reasons why you shouldn't delay car park repairs.

Car Accidents

Car accidents can involve minor bumps and dings or more serious collisions where people get hurt. Once customers drive in your company car park, off the public road, their safety depends on the paving you've established.  A pothole can cause drivers to swerve unexpectedly and possibly hit a parked car, or worse, a pedestrian. Or else, a gaping hole in the asphalt can cause them to stop or slow down suddenly, and the next car, who can't see the pothole, could smash into their rear end. Potholes form a particular threat to motorbike riders who could even come off their bike and hit the asphalt. To avoid accidents and arguments at your business, make sure to keep the car park impeccable so that you've done everything within your power to create a safe environment. 

Trips and Falls

Once drivers get out of their car, potholes and cracks continue to pose a threat. Pedestrians could trip and fall over the hole. If someone breaks a bone or hits their head, they could start legal proceedings. 

Worsening Surface

If you leave potholes to fester, they'll worsen and grow bigger and deeper. Rain will fill up the hole, which will provoke further decay, as the water seeps underneath and surface and pushes upwards. The repair bill will only escalate. Annoyingly, as cars drive over waterlogged holes, they'll splash dirty water over nearby pedestrians. To fix potholes, contractors will spread fresh asphalt over the hole and patch the surface. 

Car Damage

Potholes, especially large ones, can cause flat tyres, unbalance the wheel alignment, plus create suspension problems in cars. Thus, the longer you leave the asphalt to deteriorate, the more car problems that could arise. As well, loose gravel from within the hole could fly up and damage the paint and windscreen of other cars.

An unhappy customer may even bring their annoyance into your business and start complaining about the car park condition. Other customers in-store could repeat the story to others, spreading harmful word-of-mouth anecdotes. However, you'll avoid all such unnecessary problems by fixing holes before they develop into eyesores and danger spots. 


12 November 2020

Decorative Concrete: Project Ideas and Uses

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