Slipform Concrete: Your Questions Answered


Slipform concrete is created by pouring concrete into a mould that is held in place by supports. Slipform concrete is frequently used for projects where a high degree of accuracy is required, such as when building bridges or towers. It is also commonly used for curved structures. However, one of the most significant benefits of slipform concrete is that it can be poured continuously, which saves time and money. How Does Slipform Concrete Work?

14 September 2022

Two tips to follow when using a domestic concreting service


If you want to add a structure like a patio or a garden path to your home and will be using a domestic concreting company's service to do this, here are some tips to follow. Find out if you need to prepare your property exterior for the project After deciding the size and style of the concrete structure the domestic concreting company will be adding to your property, you should then ask them for specific advice on what preparations, if any, you should carry out on your property exterior before the contractors start making this structure.

28 April 2022